The Period in German History “between the wars” saw a flowering of culture and humanity that became the envy and curiosity of the western world. The Weimar Republic, that gritty and glorious time when cabaret singers and prostitutes were the harbingers of a coming storm, is unparalleled in history as a beacon of creativity and emerging human rights crammed within the fourteen short and tumultuous years between its founding in November, 1918 until the rise of the National Socialists in February of 1933.

This site is to augment instruction within the context of my course Voluptuous Panic! at Franklin College, IN, during the Immersive Term of January 2023. Much of this information has been compiled from sources within the public domain. All information should be used to compliment the weekly course readings and will be the focus of discussion for our class meeting 10. Should you have a specific interest in this topic, I refer you to the book The Death of Democracy by Benjamin Carter Hett.